Professional Incorporation in Ontario

Beach Pebbles

What is professional incorporation? Professional incorporation allows regulated professionals to offer their professional services (as well as any related or ancillary services) while enjoying many of the tax (deferring tax, small business exemptions, etc.) and non-tax advantages available to other incorporated self-employed individuals. Who qualifies as a ‘regulated professional’? The professions eligible for professional incorporation…

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How to Organize your Ontario Business

Forest Floor

Business owners often have questions about how to organize their business and whether or not it is appropriate for them to incorporate. An understanding of the different ways a business can be structured is necessary to decide what is appropriate for your business and its needs. In Ontario a business can be organized in one…

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How to Incorporate in Ontario

Queens Park

If you aren’t sure if incorporation is appropriate for your business, read ‘How to Organize your Business in Ontario’. A corporation is a separate legal entity set up for the purpose of carrying on business. It limits the liability of the business owners and can be used to defer and reduce taxable income. A corporation…

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