Share Sale or Corporate Redemption?

Cherries on Branch

Frequently when restructuring a closely held private corporation shareholders must decide whether to transfer shares from one shareholder to another with a share purchase and sale or to have the corporation redeem (i.e. buy back) the shares from the shareholder, resulting in a reduction in the total number of issued and outstanding shares and increased…

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Shareholder Agreements: A Primer


What is a shareholder agreement? A shareholder agreement is an agreement between the shareholders of a corporation establishing the rights of the company‚Äôs shareholders as well as the management of the corporation. Why is it important to have a shareholder agreement? The shareholder agreement is intended to ensure that shareholders are treated fairly and that…

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How to Organize your Ontario Business

Forest Floor

Business owners often have questions about how to organize their business and whether or not it is appropriate for them to incorporate. An understanding of the different ways a business can be structured is necessary to decide what is appropriate for your business and its needs. In Ontario a business can be organized in one…

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