Becoming a Charity – Video

Nov 7, 2022

Always wondered about the process for becoming a Canadian charity? Watch this information session with Nick Wright on how to get registered.

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A Primer on Canadian Limited Partnerships

Sep 29, 2022

The Limited Partnerships Act (Ontario) is a piece of legislation that allows for the creation of limited partnerships with the characteristics of a general partnership but without joint and several liability for certain ‘limited’ partners.

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Registering a Canadian Limited Partnership

Dec 2, 2020

The Canadian Limited Partnership or “LP” is a business entity that has gained popularity among those engaged in international transactions and holdings including foreign investors and those with assets outside of Canada.

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Ontario Bill 190 Expands Digital Business/Legal Services

Jun 8, 2020
cc Flickr Jeroen Bennink, modified,

COVID-19 has provided the perfect opportunity to overhaul some of Ontario’s outdated regulatory standards.

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