Protecting Your IP Checklist

If you’re ready to protect your Intellectual Property, use this checklist to ensure you’re taking all the necessary steps to secure your copyrights and trademarks.

If you are still unsure about the reasons to trademark or copyright your IP make sure to read the previous articles, 5 Reasons to Trademark Your Business Name & Logo Now, and Why You Need to Register your Copyrights.


Securing Your Trademarks


Decide to register your trademark with the Register of Trademarks to protect your brand and your business nationally.


checkboxConsider hiring a Registered Trademark Agent to check that your proposed trademark and trademark application comply with the Trade-marks Act and the Trade-marks Regulations.


checkboxContinue using your trademark once your application is granted as your trademark may be removed from the Register of Trademarks if it is in disuse for an extended period of time.


checkboxMonitor the marketplace for infringements of your trademark.


checkboxRenew your trademark every 15 years with the Register of Trademarks.


Securing Your Copyrights

checkboxIf uncertain, consider hiring a copyright lawyer to determine whether the work or subject matter is already copyrighted using the Copyrights Database to search registered Canadian copyrights. This may involve visiting the Client Service Center to access copyrights registered prior to 1991 that are not accessible online.


checkboxConsider hiring a copyright lawyer to file your application online with the Copyright Office through the Canadian Intellectual Property website.


checkboxInclude a declaration that the applicant is either the author of the owner of the work or subject matter, or an owner/assignee/person with an interest in the copyright in the work or subject matter.


checkboxPolice your rights by being alert to unauthorized uses of the work or subject matter.


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